How to Get a Blessed Candle


I would like 8 blessed candles for myself and my family.  How do I pay?  Also, besides the blessed candle, should we have a blessed Rosary?  If so, I will need 8.

--Joanie W.


3DD:  Hi Joanie,

Thanks for leaving us this comment.  Blessed sacramentals may not be mailed out, so we cannot mail them.  Also, you should know that blessed things may not be sold, or else they lose their blessing.  Blessed sacramentals like blessed candles and Rosaries are always given free.

Please send us your email address and we will write you an email on how to get your blessed candles and blessed Rosaries.

And don't worry about getting unwanted emails from me.  I don't do that.

The Editor

Candles and Window Coverings

I'm elderly. Some time ago I was told to have Bees Wax candles and black plastic to cover windows.  Am I remembering correctly?


3DD:  Hi Ramona.  You will need blessed 100% beeswax candles, and you will need to cover your windows.  However, with the heat that will occur from the fire falling from the sky, do not use plastic, as it will gas off toxic gases and probably melt!  Instead, use what the firemen of old used, use 100% wool.  Wool is a fire retardant.

New wool blankets are expensive, but you can find cheap ones at military surplus stores.  Some are even brand new!

For blessed candles, you can write to this email address:

I hope you are safe during the 3 Days of Darkness! Your knowledge of the old, common sense ways of doing things will be a HUGE asset to the young ones!

Is There a Connection With the Sun?

Reader:  Could you clarify if there is any explicable link between the predictions of a comet (planet?) coming toward the earth and the chastisements involving the sun? Does the one have to do with the other?


3DD:  This is an excellent question, for each has its own gravitational field.  

As this comet comes at Earth, the Sun, which is MUCH larger than Earth, has its own gravitational pull, which is MUCH STRONGER.  

As the sun's gravitational field pulls the comet towards it, the comet's outer gases could combust with the heat from the sun.  

This explosion could cause the comet to break up into smaller fragments, which could still be propelled towards Earth, but which would not be an extinction level event.


There is a prediction (prophecy) about the sun saving mankind from total annihilation:


"Thanks to an excellent work of the sun, the earth has nourished the devoted flock of a most holy shepherd -- our very Holy Father Gregory XVIII, a priest altogether admirable"

[Source:  Prophecy of the Monk of Padua, 1740, found on p. 175 in The Prophets and Our Times, by Rev. R. Gerald Culleton].


You can read about Pope Gregory XVIII at: