Water Is THE Primary Consideration

Cottage Life Books sells Max Burns' Country & Cottage Water Systems:  A Complete Out-of-the-City Guide to On-Site Water & Sewage Systems Including Pumps, Plumbing, Water Purification & Alternative Toilets.

Essential Gardening Skills

Several publishers have put out books which are library must-have classics:

Chelsea Publishing sells Elior Coleman's Four-Season Harvest which teaches green house growing for year-round vegetables, no matter how harsh your winters are:



New Society Publishers sells Steve Solomon's Gardening When It Counts.  The focus of this book is growing food in hard times:


New Society Publishers also sells Binda Colebrook's Winter Gardening in the Maritime Northwest:  Cool Season Crops for the Year-Round Gardener:


Sprouting provides more nutrients than simply eating the legumes.  Also, one can be sprouting in one's bug out bag as one hikes in search of arable land.  Mark M. Braunstein's Sprout Garden is available through Amazon:


 Mel Bartholomew's classic Square Foot Gardening  allows one to minimize space and maximize food production.  Available through Amazon:



Insects are not just pesky, but they can spread disease to humans.  After the 3 Days of Darkness, knowing how to make your own insect repellants from natural resources is a must.  Janet Grainter & Connie Moore's Natural Insect Repellents for Pets, People & Plants is available through Amazon:  

Storey Publishing Teaches All Homesteading Skills

This publishing company's Country Living Bulletins are small booklets that focus on one topic at a time.  Here is a bulletin on raising rabbits (a great future protein resource for the family):

Written in language that anyone can read and follow, these bulletins will be a great addition to your library.

Their books for animal care under "Livestock" are great to have in the home library for future reference.  Here are a few to consider:

Great to have if you have access to a cow.  


Another source for milk and cheese is, of course, the goat.  Goat milk is the closest thing to Mother's milk and may be very important for the survival of babies after the 3 Days of Darkness.  

Did you know to keep the Billies far away from the females or else their milk will go sour?  It seems that if the does smell a billy, their milk gets filled with hormones to attract the billy, and this makes their milk go sour!  Learn more with this book:


As well, John Mettler's book Basic Butchering of Livestock & Game teaches butchering skills, such as the importance of tying off the bung (anus canal) to avoid contamination of the meat:


Or Mike Bubler's classic Root Cellaring which teaches how to store your harvest for the winter months.  

Even apartment dwellers can save money on veggie purchases now by trying some of Mike's suggestions:


Saving seeds (heirloom seeds that will produce plants through the years) is key to our survival after the 3 Days of Darkness.  Seeds stay viable for up to two years if stored properly.  Get a good guide for how to obtain seeds from the plants you have cultivated here:

Check out Storey Publishing's website for beekeeping, herbalist, and other books also!  



Food Preservation, Storage & Nutritious Eating


If you don't have the Ball Blue Book, you need to get it now.  There are canning, freezing & dehydration instructions that will be handy to have on hand even now!  Check Amazon.  Different years use different photos on covers.      



Carol Hupping's Stocking Up is a thick book full of recipes and a must-have companion book to  the Ball Blue book above.  Simon & Schuster Publishers, or check out Amazon online.      


Peggy Layton's Cookin' With Home Storage teaches us how to make meals with basic ingredients from our home food storage supplies.  


Inspired by the recipes of the American settlers who came out west in their covered wagons, Peggy's book is also a great lesson on how to make substitutions for recipes that you already use and love.    




 Cream cheese in 8 hours, pickled green beans (yum!) in 3-4 days; why wait?  Learn these and other simple skills now and boost your nutrition and the taste value of your food.  


Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions researches the cultures from the past to point out where we have gone terribly wrong.  


Optimal food combinations in meals is also discussed.  And yes, butter is actually GOOD for you!



Non-Electric Farming and Homesteading Tools


Are you realizing that you need a simple hand-held push plow (cultivator) to break up the sod at your nearby golf course or baseball diamond for food cultivation after the 3 Days of Darkness?  



  • What about a horse hitch to use it with (just in case you find a horse)?


  • Do you think you might want to have a clothes wringer to help your clothes to dry faster on the clothesline?


  • What about a butter churn? 


Our ancestors had basic tools that saved their backs, hands, arms, and shoulders from too much strain (and injuries).


Check out this website:  www.non-electric.lehmans.com (plows are listed under "cultivators")


The Lehman's Non-Electric Catalogue and website will teach you so much, and help you now to find bargains when you check out the antique stalls near you!

Must-Have Survival Books



Urban survival is about surviving in place.  When moving to a far-away retreat is not an option for you and your family, then these two books on urban survival are essential reading.  


The first is Ragnar's Urban Survival:  A Hard Times Guide to Staying Alive in the City by Ragnar Benson has many gems of wisdom, including:  


The Rule of 3  The author explains how the Nez Perce People survived by using this rule:


Simply ensure that you have 3 separate sources for the basics to support life:  water, food, shelter, heat, etc.


 His chapters also discuss:  combat in built up areas; the government's view of survivalists; water; sources of energy; food; survival food preparation; emergency shelter in cities; caching and storage; trading; guns; and survival nursing.  

Available from Palladin Press.


For a look at surviving in place solutions that have come along 20 years later, David Morris' Urban Survival Guide is a great comapnion book.  


He tells of websites that monitor terrorist activities, and how to find out what is really going on in your area.  


This book's chapters look at the following topics:  the will to survive; current potential threats; the 72-hour kit; flu and pandemics; chemical & biological attacks and ghetto medicine; mutual aid; hardening your house; economics of survival; alternative means of communication; lessons learned from Katrina; psychology for survival situations; urban movement after a disaster.  

Go to davidmorris.com for the book.  Also, Amazon has a Kindle Edition


When you can move now, or have the money to set up a retreat away from a population centre, then Ragnar Benson's The Survival Retreat shows you how to choose a secure retreat location:

If your aim is to hide out of sight to avoid unpleasant confrontations, spreading of disease, etc., then this book is worth checking out.

 Available from Palladin Press.


If you can retreat far, far away, then Joel Skousen's Strategic Relocation with its companion piece DVD from an Alex Jones interview, is well worth having.*  


This interview can be seen for free from youtube.  


You can order both (recommended) from the Alex Jones online store, and save considerable money:


*This is cited for specific research purposes and should not be interpreted as an endorsement for Alex Jones.


For those of us who are cash-poor, M.D. Creekmore's Dirt-Cheap Survival Retreat provides instructions into how to purchase junk land now:



The trailer living ideas that the author provides are common sense, and they take into consideration dealing with extremes in temperatures.  

Available from Palladin Press.


The best survival book is the one that you are always reaching for, such as Tony Nestor's When the Grid Goes Down:



This book gives those hard-to-remember ratios for bleach decontamination and electrolyte balance drinks.  


A handy reference manual that is easy to use!

 Available from www.apathways.com or Palladin Press.


If nuclear war is a worry to you, then this book is required reading:



The solutions strategized in Bruce Clayton's Life After Doomsday are a great companion piece to another must-have classic, Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson Kearny.  


Kearny's book can now be downloaded for free at www.oism.org/nwss/ .


Medical skills will be valuable after the 3 Days of Darkness.  


Consider David Werner's Where There Is No Doctor a bookshelf must have.  

Available through Amazon:



Getting to medicine may be tough, but this little book shows equivalents in veterinary medicine for human dosage, and discusses which medicines are the same for humans and animals.  


Ragnar Benson's Survivalist's Medicine Chest is available from Palladin Press:



And of course, tooth infections are always going to be a part of the human experience.  


Get ready now.  Met Clark's Emergency Dentistry Handbook is available from Palladin Press:



But the book that most of us will want to pre-read prior to the 3 Days of Darkness is about nursing.  


Ragnar Benson's The Survival Nurse puts nursing into a very realistic post 3 Days of Darkness scenario:



The practical considerations regarding requirements for heat, clean linens, and disinfection routines makes this book invaluable!  

Available from Palladin Press.


If you want to start being able to identify wild edibles now, this DVD, "Edible Wild Plants IV"  is a great tool:



Suggestions are made for how to start including locally growing wild edibles into your meals, and recipes are included.  

Available from Palladin Press.


Dealing with chaos scenarios of governmental or terrorist group invention is another consideration for your survival reference library.  


The following two books are truly remarkable and quite different resource books to keep on hand: 


James Shepherd-Barron's Professional Survival Solutions is carried by UN field workers and used for training purposes.  


This little book is PACKED with scenarios that can be encountered abroad while travelling, or even at home.  


Chapter topics include:  deep field; health & hygiene; disaster; personal security; travel; driving; managing situations with different people/authorities.  Also includes checklists.

Available through Amazon:



Ragnar Benson's Survival End Game is an analysis of current world economics and banking which make for interesting reading.


Current investment possibilities are considered.

Available from Palladin Press: