Marie-Julie Jahenny's Prophecies Teach Us What to Do

When Marie-Julie Jahenny was twenty-three years of age, God asked her if she would be a victim soul.  She chose to love all of mankind and she agreed to suffer for her whole life for us.   



She is little known, and yet Church approved.


The prophecies given to Marie-Julie are absolutely the most detailed prophecies that we have on the Exile of the Holy Father, the takeover of the Vatican, and the 3 Days of Darkness.


She was offered to die or to extend her years on earth in order to expiate for souls by her sufferings and delay the Divine Chastisements.  Marie-Julie asked to be permitted to suffer on.


It is very probable that we who have been born more recently (after the 1950's) owe our lives to her heroic sufferings.


Marie-Julie Jahenny is our true friend, and we can be sure that she is in Heaven with God and the other Saints.


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