God Hears Our Prayers

"Ask ye of the Lord rain in the latter season, and the Lord will make snows, and will give them showers of rain, to every one grass in the field." (Zacharias 10:1)


"After those three days, when daylight will be dark, My ministers will have greater freedom; they will start over again celebrating the sacred mysteries, but secretly.


"The Holy Father will call upon youth to fight for the salvation of the Church.  Frenchmen and Spaniards will save him." (pp. 96-97, Prophecies of La Fraudais).


"The Lord will restock his countryland with fresh plants who will be growing up and lasting until the last generation:  which means that they are preserved to witness the end of centuries." (March 9, 1878, p. 238, ibid).


"[The earth] will be laid down in a coffin; but after purifying it in its blood, I will raise it again glorious, as I Myself came out of the tomb." (January 4, 1884, p. 239, ibid).


"Yes, happy those who will inhabit Brittany!  Happy those who will not have moved away from God!  In Brittany, I have put up a shelter. Come over to that country, friends of the Cross." (January 22, 1878, p. 243, ibid).


Aerating Water That Has Been Boiled

Pouring water from one jug into another makes it taste better.


Having to boil water is often a temporary necessity.  


However, the taste of cooled boiled water is tinny, and drinking it gives you a headache.


How to avoid this? 


Get two jugs of equal size or else fill up the smaller jug with boiled water that has been allowed to cool to room temperature. 


Begin pouring water from one jug to the other, creating a waterfall through the air. 


Do this a half-a-dozen times.  Now the water is ready to drink and it will taste good!


How does this work? 


Falling water takes on oxygen atoms from the air, thus aerating the boiled water.  


The tinny taste is gone and no one will get a headache from drinking it. 


Okay, Grandpa and you kids, bottoms up! 


Making a Stove From An Old Metal Can or Bucket

Notice the oxygen door along the bottom.  Fires need oxygen to burn.

The metal "rack" is also a nice feature.

With larger outdoor fires, oven racks should sit nicely over rocks so that pots and pans can boil water and cook food.