Devotion to the Holy Cross during the great disasters


O Crux Ave

I hail you, I adore you, I embrace you, oh adorable Cross of My Savior.  Protect us, keep us, save us.  Jesus loved you so much, by His example, I love you.  By your holy image calm my fears, so that I may only feel peace and confidence.


Devotion to the Cross during the great storms

O Crux Ave, spes unica "Et Verbum caro factum est."  Oh Jesus, conqueror of death, save us.


Devotion to the Holy Rosary


Pray the holy rosary daily -- pray the fifteen-decade rosary if you can. Pray the Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries only.  


The Holy Rosary is the most powerful weapon that we have against the world, the flesh,and the devil. 


The Blessed Virgin Mary told us that in the End Times, we would only have the the Holy Rosary and her Brown Scapular.


Devotion to The Brown Scapular


This scapular is called the Scapular of Mt. Carmel.  We should wear it around our necks (hidden under our clothes) during daytime and nightime. 


By wearing it, we are wearing the habit of the Blessed Virgin herself.  We are putting ourselves under her protection and her guidance when we wear it always.  It therefore has the promise of salvation from an eternity in Hell, as well as the conversion of sinners.


This scapular is very powerful in obtaining conversions when placed around the necks of the sick and dying.


Devotion to the Holy Shoulder


"On November 25, 1873, Marie-Julie, all of a sudden, is seized with a violent pain and falls into ecstasy.  She sees Our Lord carrying His Cross on His left shoulder and the blood flowing from that lacerated shoulder.  She herself experiences a vivid pain on her left shoulder.  After the ecstasy, her mother will ascertain, behind her daughter's shoulder a new wound in the shape of a cross.


"Our Lord declared unto her:


" 'I will treat with a preference whoever will meditate upon this wound ... I will come to seek devotees to My Holy Shoulder.  I shall comfort them at the moment of their agony.' " (p. 20, The Prophecies of La Fraudais). 


Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary


"Every kingdom will end up:  but the Blessed Virgin's one will always remain in existence in Heaven and on earth.  She was the first one to be a tabernacle of grace.  She was carrying within herself the most pure wheat-ear; the wheat which would be the food and strength of her people." (January 12, 1882, p. 230, ibid).


Devotion to the Precious Blood


 "Never forget to renew continually the offering of the Precious Blood.  My Mother is untiringly imploring Me, and together with her a great number of penitent and atoning souls.  I cannot deny her anything.  Therefore it is thanks to My Mother and because of My elects that those days are going to be shortened.


"Be comforted, all of you who give honour to My Precious Blood; nothing evil will happen to you.


"I will inspire My Representative continually to ealt the Sacrifice of My Precious Blood, and the Veneration of My Mother." (p. 45, ibid).


Devotion to the Sacred Heart


" 'I am speaking,'He says:  'listen to My voice.  Death is above your heads.  The fatale blow is ready.  Gaze upon the Sacred Heart who shall be your refuge.' "  (p. 92, ibid).


"See that, at the time when I shall save My people, it will not be through any power of men.  My Divine Heart is the one who, alone, will bring salvation to this kingdom which will be left but a shameful disorder, where wickednesss will be prevailing in full triumph." (p. 94, ibid).


"A hellish fierceness will arise against the devotion of the Sacred Heart." (p. 97, ibid).


"Fire-hail, proceed to the earth to harvest the enemies of My Sacred Heart; . . . be prepared My children, make ready.  At any moment, expect that terrible hour.  I [the Sacred Heart of Jesus] will protect you." (January 9, 1878, p. 231, ibid).


Devotion of the Scapular of Protection


Christ told Marie-Julie:  "When taking Me down from the Cross, I was given to My Mother, that descent, that thought, that devotion is little known.  I wish that by the reproduction of this scapular, it should enter the hearts of My children of the Cross, and that they hail Me by these three greetings:


I hail Thee, Jesus Crucified to let me live.

I hail Thee with all the joy of the Angels and of the Saints on bringing Thee down from the Cross.

I hail Thee with all of the sorrow of Thy Mother when Thou rested on Her Immaculate heart and on Her lap.


"My children, very few souls think of wiping the adorable wounds on My feet when the blood flows and I wish this representation to be know.  Little thought is also given to the tears shed by My Mother during My Passion:  those tears are at the feet of the Angel who wipes My sacred feet.  By this scapular, I wish you to think about that ladder, that reed and those nails of My Passion."