What is Going to Happen?

 It is prophecied that clouds will be red like the colour of blood, and that fire will rain down upon the earth.  This will be a worldwide phenomenon. 


  • The sun will be darkened and not give its light. 


  • Fire will fall from the sky, causing worldwide destruction.


  • The darkness and fire will last for 72 hours (3 days). 


  • The darkness will be thick.  It will be impossible to see. 


  • If people do not have shelters, then they will die.  Anyone who steps outside will die instantly.


  • There will be no light.  Only blessed candles will give light.   [Go to Contact Us and email us to learn how you may get a blessed candle].


  • During these three days of darkness, the demons will be coming for their own.


Lock windows and doors.  Do not open your door to anyone.  If you go outside, you will instantly die.  If you look outside your window, you will instantly die. [For more instructions and explanations see : WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? at the bottom of this page.]


  • Good as well as bad people will die.


  • The land will be burned up, and life afterwards will be difficult.


  • In Brittany, France, half of the crops will be spared.

Is Everyone Going to Die?

No, everyone is NOT going to die during The 3 Days of Darkness.  Several million people will survive this Divine Chastisement, and this can be you also.


God loves and knows that these surviving souls will love Him, and He wants them in Heaven.


Trust that you are one of God's beloved.  Ask Him to show you who He is and how you can get to know Him.


The Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, and the Immaculate Heart of His Holy Mother Mary, will show you the Truth that God exists, and how to get to know Him.


Ask for this grace in the quiet privacy of your mind and heart.  God will hear your prayer.

Proof That The Three Days of Darkness Is from God:

The proof that The 3 Days of Darkness is from God: only candles blessed by Priests in union with the True and Exiled Hierarchy will give light.

Only 100% beeswax candles, blessed by a Priest in union with the True Pope, Pope Gregory XVIII, will be able to be lit.  


Nothing else will give light during these coming 3 Days of Darkness.  Not even regular candles.


And the blessed 100% beeswax candles will not light for those who selfishly and blindly only love themselves.


The curious who only look from their windows will die, just like Lot's wife did when she turned back to look at God's destruction of the sinful cities of Sodom and Gomorrha.  Read what happened to her:  


"The sun was risen upon the earth, and Lot entered into Segor.  And the Lord rained upon Sodom and Gomorrha brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven.  And He destroyed these cities, and all the country about, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and all things that spring from the earth.  And his [Lot's] wife looking behind her, was turned into a statue of salt."

(Genesis, chapter 19, verses 23-26).


Why did Lot's wife die, and why would we die for looking?  


Our curiosity is a desecration of this Holy Action from God.  


The 3 Days of Darkness may seem horrible to us, but they are Divine in nature, Holy.  


We are not holy, and so we need to realise this and respect God's Actions and His Will.

What Am I Supposed to Do?

Get inside, lock all doors and windows, cover the windows, and pray to God the Father to be Merciful to you and your loved ones.  

The punishment of the curious who look outside is instant death.

Remember Lot's wife, as told to us in the Book of Genesis!

Those who step outside will also die.

We are to stay in our shelter, our basement or safe place, shut and cover all windows, lock all doors, and not open the door to anyone.

This is not from lack of charity, but because demons will be imitating the voices of friends and loved ones in order to get us to step outside.   Remember, anyone outside dies immediately, so these are NOT your family and friends outside your door!


 For more information, click: Here


Why Is This Going to Happen?

Is Christ the Head of our homes, of our families? Do we teach our children to depend on God?

The 3 Days of Darkness is meant to bring everyone back to their senses, so that they recognize God and stop sinning. 


Prophets and historians are very clear on this point: 


"At no time in the history of the world have we seen such universal rebellion against God as today.  All grasp weapons against Him. 

"Never has man dissolved so entirely every covenant with God and been so completely against Him.  'Go away from us, leave us;' is what the modern nations say. 

"  'We don't want a God, we will do against Him and do all without Him.' 

"That is what the modern nations, with France in the lead, do.  The State must be anti-cleric, atheistic, purely worldly.' 

"And God takes them at their word and leaves them to their defiance and self will, until they, in their madness, tear one another to pieces and cover Europe with blood and ruin. 

"Then God will come again, though armed:  then will all see that He is the Lord of the world, created by Him, out of which they tried to expel Him."

(Bishop Pie of Portiers, 18th century).


"Good and faithful Catholics, less in number, shall be on the point of being annihilated, but a stroke from Heaven will save them."

(Sister Marianne, 18th century).


"The thick vapors which I have seen rising from the earth, and obscuring the light of the sun, are the false maxims of irreligion and of license (falsely called liberty), which in part originated in France, and in part came to us from abroad. 

"These have succeeded in confounding all sound principles, and in spreading everywhere such darkness as to obscure the light of both faith and reason. 

"The storm began in France, which shall be the first theatre of its ravages, after having been its forge."

(Jane Le Royer, 17th century).