A Clear Warning: One Day of Darkness in Brittany


"That day of darkness and lightnings will be the first one I am going to send, to have the ungodly converted and to see whether a large number will come back to Me, before the big storm which is to follow soon after. 

"That day, My children, will not extend to the whole of France, but part of Brittany will be tried by it. 

"The side in which is found the land of My Immaculate Mother's Mother will not know darkness, the darkness to come up to your place, and beyond, towards sunrise.


"All the rest will be in the most terrible fright. 

"From night to night, for a whole day, thunder will not cease roaring:  the fire of lightnings will cause a great deal of damage, even within the closed homes in which people will be in sin ..."


Warnings Will Be In the First Months of a Year

Taken from Wikipedia, this thundercloud shows us why our Blessed Mother is urging us to hurry to shelter when we hear the thunder.


"Daytime will start growing  it will not be in the heights of summer time, neither during the longest days, but still short ones.  It will not be at the end of a year, but rather in the first months that I will clearly give My warnings . . .  (June 15, 1882, pp. 50-51, ibid).


"My children, says Mary Immaculate, my heart cannot keep anything for itself.  Therefore, I warn you:  at the moment when the thunder will be roaring -- I forewarn you -- run away from under it and retire in your homes.


"It is at the beginning of the new year that the Cross will have to be taken up, and pressed upon one's heart.


"Grave diseases will arise, which human craftsmanship will be unable to relieve. . .


[See Section in top menu bar labelled "Diseases" in www.mjjprophecy.com  -Ed.]


"My people, . . . your eyes are to see the frightening hour, when greening wheat will not have reached the third knot of its growth." (October 5, 1882, p. 187, Prophecies of La Fraudais)


45 Minutes of Blood Rain in Brittany

 As seen in the photo above taken in Kerala, India, there were blood rains during August and September in 2001.  There has also been blood rain reported in Choco, Columbia in 2008.


A similar blood rain in western France will be a warning that the Three Days of Darkness are near:


"On a Saturday, between five and six o'clock ...


"A white sign, on the western part of France, surrounded with a curtain of fringes set with diamonds, an enormous curtain, all of which will last for three quarters of an hour.  Your homes will be enlightened just like by sunlight.


"After half an hour has elapsed a red bar will show up towards the West, after the shape of branches; and blood drops will burst out of it.  Which red bar will set a ring around the whiteness of the sign and will invade the brightness with its light.


"That sign will move up a little; then the red bar will fade away, like through the victory of whiteness." (pp. 190-191).


The Sun Darkens in France for Four Hours

Unlike a solar eclipse, where the light is greyish and very much daylight, when the sun darkens for 4 hours, it will create a "pitch-darkness".


". . . while the season is still in its harder period, for the time-space of four hours  --  from noon to four o'clock in France  --  in days still painful, the sun will undergo something like the wearing of a mourning veil. 

"It will be darkened out, without any light.


"Nobody on earth could ever believe in the pitch-darkness of those obscure hours.  Earth will have nothing left. 

"The eye will be veiled, without being able to perceive the slightest object."


"My people, that will be the beginning of My Justice's chastisements."


"My people, foresaid darkness will cover Brittany for the length of four hours, but no damage will result from it ... "


Crops Will Be Failing

As well, wheat will get a black mold growing on its tops, which will inhibit growth.-ED.

Grape vines will not produce leaves:

"I see that, at the moment of springtime, the fruit-buds of the vine which come forth so fresh and tender, will look as if they had passed through the blazing flame of a devouring fire.

"Vine leaves will fall off in dust, and the grape-clutter will not show up.  

"For fifteen months, the vine will wear the appearance of death"

(p. 227, Prophecies of La Fraudais).