The Prophecies Tell Us

Catholic visionary and mystic Katerina Emerich called Cardinal Giuseppe Siri "The Pope in Red."

The True Pope Is Pushed Aside:

"The Supreme Pastor (Pope) shall hold the keys of heaven but will be deprived of earthly kingdom." (Venerable Magdalene Porzat, 18th Century)."There will be a general defection from the Church near the end of the world, especially regarding obedience to Her." (Richard Rolle of Hampole, 13th century).


"The Holy Father will be obliged to leave Rome." ( Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, 18th century).


 "Toward the end of the world the tyrants and the hostile people will suddenly rob the prelates and clergy of the Church of all their possessions and grievously afflict and martyr them. . . .   At that time the Pope, with the Cardinals, will have to flee Rome under trying circumstances to a place where he will be unknown.  He will die a cruel death in his exile.  The sufferings of the Church will be much greater than at any previous time in her history."  (Abbot Herman of Lehnin, 13th century).

A Silenced Takeover by the Masons

At 52 years old, on October 26, 1958, Cardinal Archbishop Giuseppe Siri was elected Pope, the Head of the Catholic Church, He himself revealed this in 1988


What happened to the Catholic Church, and to Catholics worldwide, on October 26, 1958, and what we are still living today, can be described in the language of one company taking over another company:  

The customers (the Catholics) must be kept happy, so the hostile takeover is not announced publically.  The signs stay the same:  "Catholic Church."  

The employees in positions of Middle Management (the Bishops) must comply with the new company objectives or they must leave.  

The employees in the Worker positions (the Priests, Deacons) are  told that things must change, and that they are expected to follow along, or they must leave and find work elsewhere.

Inter-departmental memos slowly and steadily bring on the changes:

1.  Priests must face the people during the Mass.

2.  The language and the prayers of the Mass are changed and made ineffectual.  Spiritual food is thus denied to the customers.  The customers are weakened and do not even realise this.  (They fall away from the Truth and accept the sinful lies of the Anti-Christ.)

3.  Altars are destroyed, and masonic tables are put in their place.

4.  All of the Sacraments are changed.  The exorcism is removed from Baptism.   

5.  Prayers, themes of lessons, Canon Laws, all are changed.

6.  New dogmas are put into place that deny the Truth as given by the Holy Ghost (The Holy Spirit).

The customers notice the new products and wonder why, but they are told that the new products are better for them.  So most of the customers, seeing that there is nowhere else to go, continue as customers and accept the changes.

The Masonic Trick of Presenting Both Candidates

Continuing on the theme of a hostile corporate takeover, we now focus on what is done about those customers who leave because they reject the changes. 


Those few who have left are to be gathered together under a promising Middle Manager (Bishop), so that they cannot bring down the new company through their public grievances.   (They must belong to the Church of the Anti-Christ one way or another.)


So two new subdivisions appear on the scene, led by a Master in Middle Management and Public Relations.  The new subdivisions will give the people what they want, giving them the illusion that somehow things are different at these other businesses, whether they keep connections with the New Company (SSPX, FSSP) or appear not to be connected to the New Company (SSPV, CMRI, Thuc Line):

1.  The SSPX and FSSP can have anything they want, as long as they recognize the power of the New Company, and it's chosen Head (Anti-Pope).  

2.  Those who will not accept the New Company's authority, the SSPV, CMRI and Thuc Line,  will be guided in a way that leaves them thinking that they are wholly independent.


The Lie That Keeps the Customers Coming:

The customers of both subsidiary companies are lied to in order to be controlled.  They are told that there is no longer anything left of the True Company, (the True Pope) and that they can have what they want (the Holy Sacraments) without a Pope -- a Heresy, since Peter has the Primacy.


No one is to recognize the Head of the True Company (the Exiled Pope).  The customers are not even allowed to know that the True Company has a Head (a True Pope), so that the customers remain with the New Company.  (The New Company wants to keep all of the customers to itsellf.)


The Result of the Masonic Lie:


The public worldwide no longer have the Church of Jesus Christ.  They also no longer have a Catholic understanding of the Primacy of Peter. 


The Church of the Anti-Christ, the One World Religion is all that the Masons want the people to see.