Three Fourths of the World's Population Will Perish

Roman Catholic mystics say that the 3 Days of Darkness is a punishment

for mankind turning its back on God.  


Only blessed 100% beeswax candles will give light --

not regular candles, only blessed candles.


Fire Will Fall From the Sky -- Are You Ready?

The Sun Begins the Physical Chastisements

“My people, that will be the beginning of My Justice’s chastisements.  The sun will be the forerunner of those sorrows:  Heaven will weep and seem unable to be comforted, because this will be the entrance to times when souls will be lost, the entrance, in a word, to the frightening misfortune.”   

(p. 187, bottom, Prophecies of La Fraudais by Fr. Pierre Roberdel).

There Is a Sudden and Devastating Solar Flare

The Blessed Virgin Mary told Marie-Julie Jahenny that anyone outside of a shelter would die.


 The crisis will burst out all of a sudden

(p. 239, Prophecies of La Fraudais).


“Fire from heaven will run across the earth on a terrifying width . . .”

(p. 66, Prophecies of La Fraudais).


Coronal Holes create solar flares which are MUCH faster than those solar flares caused by Coronal Mass Emissions (CME's), which take days to be completed.


Coronal Holes have magnetic fields in their super fast emissions, and these magnetic fields will trigger earthquakes.  


Severe earthquakes can trigger volcanic eruptions as far as 500 km away from the earthquake's epicenter, according to a new study coming from Chile.  

[Source: ]

Blood-Red Clouds in Ash-Filled Skies

A volcanic eruption caused this cloud to have a blood-red colour.

 “within a very short time, the sky will be covered with a cloud of blood

"My children, the sky will be covered with a cloud of blood and the sunrays will be darkened from it. 

"It will be pitch-dark and never will darkness have been as thick as during those three days of rainfall, of mourning, of agony and death" 

(Source: p. 241-2, Prophecies of La Fraudais).


“My children, rest in My peace.  I am going to prepare a shelter for you. 

"Henceforth time is up.  I will shelter you under a clear and bright sky, but the sun will soon darken its rays. 

"The signs of My Justice will cause death to the plants on earth. 

"The green meadows will produce no fruit:  torrents will turn dry:  not one drop of water. 

"Sand will be burning.  Such a punishment is awaiting the surroundings  of the place of the Cross, in the South.  . . . 

"I will protect and preserve those who will be bound to wait for a little while before they find a refuge under the Divine Tree of the Cross

(Source: pp. 58-9, Prophecies of La Fraudais).  


And from the scientific journal, "Scientific American" there is this recent finding:


"Major volcanic eruptions have additional climatic effects beyond global temperature decreases and acid rain. Ash and aerosol particles suspended in the atmosphere scatter light of red wavelengths, . . ."  

[Source: ]

Fierce Lightning, and from the Red Clouds, Blood Rain

The EMP from the Solar Emission will destroy all engines. There will be no electricity, just darkness.

“From a pile of fire-red clouds, lightnings will burst out zigzagging and devastating, setting fire and turning everything to ashes. 

"The air will be filled with toxic fumes and deathly vapours. . . tornadoes  . . .”

(Source: p. 44, Prophecies of La Fraudais).  


[Volcanic eruptions give off as many as 9 poisonous gases. -ED].


“I see in my sun a black and blue rainbow at least two metres in width . . .

"From that rainbow, a rain is falling, . . .a blood red rain is falling. 

"On the roofs of the homes, it is left sticking like paint; on the ground it cannot be sucked in. 

"It falls down with a frightening speed.


“In the midst of that rain, a terror is produced:  a cross takes shape in that rain carrying the imprint of a Christ. . . .

"The yelling of the just is frightening. . .


“After three days, the rainfall from the rainbow spreads out visible throughout the whole universe”

(Source:  p. 241, Prophecies of La Fraudais).


This blood red rain, falling after volcanic eruptions, will be very acidic (as will the air itself) and may burn skin, eyes, and perhaps lungs if breathed in.

The deaths may be from the alveoli in the lungs bleeding from these chemical burns, so that one "drowns" from the blood in one's lungs. --ED.

A Red Rain Falls Upon the Earth, Destroying the Crops

“A rainfall of blood will fall upon the earth which will have your crops drying up.  And on that year, the earth will produce nothing.  

"In Brittany, I will leave half the harvest”

 (Source: p. 242, Prophecies of La Fraudais).


Brittany has a wet climate naturally, and the Sacred Heart tells Marie-Julie that this is the place He has prepared for us. --ED.

Blood Rain Coagulates and Causes Sickness to Those Outside

To go outside, an N95 mask is good, but make sure there are NO gaps! It will be wise to wear goggles also.

“That will be a red rain remaining coagulated upon the ground  for seven weeks. 

"The soil itself will be coagulated by that rain which will cause a poisoned breath, a stench nobody will be able to stand. 

"My people will remain enclosed for seven weeks. 

"It will be difficult to walk out, because of the land being so frightening”

(Source:  p. 240-1, Prophecies of La Fraudais)


[This is the time to begin your seedlings indoors, by the light from the windows. With artificial full-spectrum lighting, you should be able to germinate seeds any time of year.

In 6 weeks, you should have seedlings ready to transplant to larger containers.  

Remember to keep bagged soil on hand so that your young plants are not burned by the acidic blood-red-soaked earth.]--ED.

Severe Earthquakes Will Stop On Sunday, But Continue

“. . . the most deeply rooted trees will be staggering” (p. 242, Prophecies of La Fraudais).


“The earth will quake from this place, up to the sunrise, for the length of six days. 

"One day for resting then, on the eighth day, the quaking will be resumed.  

". . . The earth will be quaking so hard that people will be thrown 300 steps away”

(Source:  p. 274, Prophecies of La Fraudais).


Magnetic fields from the extremely fast solar flare caused by a Coronal Hole can trigger earthquakes.--ED.  

Earthquakes Cause Movement of the Earth's Tectonic Plates


“. . . there will be a kind of separation, a separation between Brittany and the border adjoining it”

(Source:  p. 242, Prophecies of La Fraudais).


Will a fault line physically separate Brittany from the rest of France? --ED.


Brittany Will Be Spared Much of the Destruction


“Brittany will be covered with a white veil.  But she will also experience her three days of mourning . . . but the storm will be less violent upon her than in any place elsewhere"

(Source:  p. 242, Prophecies of La Fraudais).


"That part [Brittany] will receive blessing from Heaven.  It will be generously protected"

(Source:  The Blessed Virgin Mary, speaking to Marie-Julie Jahenny, p. 236, Prophecies of La Fraudais).

An Excellent Work of the Sun Saves the Church in Exile

Notice the fiery object in the sky of this famous painting of St. John Bosco's dream of Holy Mother Churh in the End Times.

"Thanks to an excellent work of the sun, the earth has nourished the devoted flock of a most holy shepherd -- our very Holy Father Gregory XVIII, a priest altogether admirable."

( Source:  p. 175, The Prophets and Our Times, by Rev. R. Gerald Culleton).


This prophecy from the Monk of Padua (d. 1740), heralds this Divine Chastisement and the miraculous salvation of the Church in Exile for these current times, for the current Holy Pontiff is Pope Gregory XVIII.  


We all MUST prepare, and watch for the signs of warning. --ED.